Facial Fillers is an artistic procedure used to soften wrinkles and increase volume. It is used to rejuvenate facial wrinkles and thinning caused by aging or genetics.  Common areas treated are areas around mouth, lips and cheeks. It can also be used to contour depressed scars or surgical defects or injuries.

There are many types of filler substances some based on natural substances derived from the human body, others are synthetic forms of these substances and some may contain synthetic, biocompatible compounds.

Brand names including Collagen,  Juvederm XC™, Restylane™, Perlane™, Sculpta™ , Radiesse™ and  benefit patient in softness and how long they last.

This procedure can be performed in the comfort our office, results are immediate and there no downtime for most patients.  This can be combined with many other treatments.

Please call our office to schedule a consultation see if this procedure is right for you.