Eyelids and eyebrow are often described as the frame of the face, and are usually the first area that people show signs of aging.  Excess skin, fat and wrinkles can give the appearance of looking more tired or older than you really are.

Some eye lid can be corrected without surgery and include Botox, fillers or creams.

Cosmetic eye surgery can be preformed alone or can be combined with other procedures such as a browlift, facelift,  or skin resurfacing.

Sometimes the skin of the upper eye lid can block a patient’s vision, like a window shade. If your eye doctor determines that it is medically necessary for you to remove the upper lid skin.  We may be able to perform this procedure in the office in less than one hour.

Our board certified doctors strive to give patients a more youthful and refreshed appearance.  Recovery is quick and patients usually return in a week or two.

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