More than 50% of women are bothered by spider veins which are commonly located on the thighs, ankles, and calves.

Spider veins treatment or sclerotherapy has been preformed for more than 50 years.  Sclerotherapy’s goal is a safe and quick way to reduce and remove unwanted “Telangiectasias” permanently.

Patient Selection

Patient selection is based on health, current medication and ability to comply with post operative instructions.  Pregnant patients are not eligible for evaluation during pregnancy as the spider veins usually resolve naturally within months after childbirth.

The procedure

This non surgical procedure usually takes less than one hour and can be repeated for optimal results every 4 to 6 weeks.

Dr. Paul DiPasquale DO FAACS uses the new FDA approved method of Foam Sclerotherapy. This allows us to treat large varicose veins as well as spider veins in office at the Vitale Institute of Cosmetic Surgery. There is a liquid sclerosing agent, which is mixed with the room air due to which foam is created and then this foam is injected into the affected varicose vein. The purpose of using this foam injection instead of the liquid injection is that foam covers the larger surface area.

After the Procedure

Following the procedure, a cotton ball and tape is applied to each injection area, which is to be removed after 24 hours. Leg compression stocking will improve overall result and can be provided or prescribed for you by Dr. Paul DiPasquale DO FAACS. For at least 1 week, the compression stocking help to reduce bruising and reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation (discoloration of the treated area). Pain or itching rarely occurs and is usually managed ice at home.

Immediately after the procedure the veins may appear darker and larger. There may be bruising that reduces within a week. Most patients cover their legs during this time. Patients are advised to walk for the first several days after the procedure, and to avoid extended standing or sitting in order to improve outcome. Patients’ outcomes improve with decreased HEAVY exercise for 30 days, weightlifting and marathons.

Results obviously are variable between different patients, but this safe, effective and quick procedure can usually obtain the desired results with repeated treatments.